low-cost, sustainable
electricity & hydrogen.

using organic matter (fuel, waste, coal).
world class efficiency & low-costs.
Circular economy.

Our Carnot-Tech Multipurpose Carbon Reactor Technology can produce electricity, clean water and hydrogen simultaneously - without emitting any greenhouse gases or other pollution. Furthermore we can capture atmospheric CO2 out of air, eliminate SoX, NoX and Dioxin and therefore impact a important negative CO2 footprint.

Our technology will revolutonise the way humanity produces energy and hydrogen, fights global warming and treats toxic waste.


About us

Carnot-Tech GmbH is a german based technology company which designs and manufacture systems for electricity and heat generation, waste treatment and hydrogen production.

These systems are modularized, highly scalable and flexible - to provide decentral power generation, CO2 capturing and waste treatment - for cities, industrial partners or remote communities and desaster areas. 

To meet the growing global energy demand, the climate change goals and to treat global wastes the world needs a different and revolutionary technology to extract energy from feed-stocks and to treat wastes -w.o. any emitting of GHGs. We provides that technology.

After more than twenty years of research and development, we has developed a proprietary technology that can provide dependable, flexible load energy 24/7, with high efficiency, no emissions, and low capital and operating costs.

As an innovation-driven technology business, we also conduct joint research and development work with leading universities and research institutions worldwide in order to extend the limits of clean and green energy production.

Carnot Technology

Carnot-Tech Multipurpose Carbon Reactor units provide sustainable base load, non-polluting and low-cost electricity from any organic matter including plastics and toxic chemicals. The exothermic chemical reaction in a super-critical state allows the maximum extraction of energy.

Process: Carbon Reactor

Our special designed heating system initiates an exothermic reaction in the Carnot-Tech Multipurpose Carbon Reactor which extracts maximum energy from the feedstock, resulting in the production of supercritical fluid to treat the wastes and also to turn the turbo expander generator to generate electrical power.


Multipurpose Carbon Reactor

Exotermic reaction in super-critical state.



Transforming energy and abstract by-products 



Trasforming mechanical energy into electrical energy.

No ash and particulate matters are produced. Non toxic heavy metals are captured which can be collected for recycling and utilization. The results are zero GHG emissions, high efficiency and low capital and operating costs.

Input: Any organic matter

Feedstock containing at least five percent (5%)
carbon, e.g. fossil fuels, biomass and wastes,
can be used as feedstock for power generation
and waste management, and produces useful
gases, e.g. hydrogen, for industrial uses.



Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Factory Waste
Shipyard Waste
Marine Waste
Hospital Waste



Energy Crops
Wood and Wood Waste
Agricultural Waste
Livestock Waste


Fossil Fuels

Coal and Coal Waste
Oil and Waste Oil Coke
Natural Gas

Outcome: green electricity & by-products

Because it is a closed system no gases are released to the atmosphere.
All of the gases can be  captured and provided as industrial raw materials to third parties. 


Purified water

Urea constituents

Urea is a fertiliser in great demand across the world.



Hydrogen is a future green clean fuel which can be used as a fuel for transportation and in industrial operations. 

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide will be fully captured and long-term stored. 

Striving for the stars

Unique Value Proposition

  1. DECENTRAL, LOW-COST, CLEAN ENERGY: We can are producing low-cost, clean energy (electricity and hydrogen) in a decentral way - from 5MW to over 1.000 MW.
  2. IMPROVED OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE:   We have a state-of-the--art efficiency (>60%), short ramp-up times and very high operational flexibility - perfect for GRID balancing. 
  3. CO2 CAPTURING: We capture atmospheric CO2 as well as all in the process produced CO2 - highly efficient and effective. 
  4. NO EMISSIONS:  The Carnot-Tech´s Multipurpose Carbon Reactor Unit is a closed system. It does not release any greenhouse gas or particles into the atmosphere.  
  5. NEGATIVE CO2 FOOTPRINT: We are substituting polluting technologies, eliminating SoX, NoX and Dioxin and capture CO2 highly efficient. 
  6. MULTIPLE FEED-STOCK:  Any carboniferous material, i.e. at least 5% carbon, can be used as feedstock to generate electrical power and waste treatment. This allows for multiple feedstock combinations.
  7. BY-PRODUCTS: By products such as water (H2O), hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) can be captured, utilised, stored and/or sold to third parties.
  8. FABRICATION AND CAPACITY: The generating capacity of an Carnot-Tech Systems ranges from 5MW to 50MW. Larger capacity  power stations can be retrofitted with combinations of 50MW or larger units (over 1.000 MW).
  9. SMALL FOOTPRINT: An Carnot-Tech 5MW Power System Unit has a foot-print of a basketball court. 
Let's turn the world upside down.

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